Westfalia Fruit acquires majority stake in Camet Trading and the future is ambitious

As we look towards our joint growth and the continuous improvement of our processes and products, we have strengthened our alliance with the multinational avocado giant Westfalia Fruit by selling 51% of the shares of Camet Trading. The main objective of Camet Trading will remain the improvement of per-hectare productivity and product quality standardization through technical support, which we will continue to provide throughout the year. Currently, Camet Trading has a presence in 14 Regions of Peru, where it provides technical support to more than 1,800 hectares and its producers. These producers have been specializing with us in the production of Hass avocado and mango. During this year we will expand our clonal propagation nursery in Chilca, open an experimental field and second clonal propagation nursery in La Libertad Region, as well as establish an additional avocado nursery for distribution to our producers in the Cuzco Region. With the support of Westfalia Fruit, we will be able to include in our clonal propagation nurseries new varieties of avocado - including the GEM and Carmen varieties - as well as mango varieties of early and late production and new varieties of citrus and other fruit trees. Camet Trading aims to develop new varieties of avocado, mango and citrus fruit and bring them to commercial production within three to four years. With this in mind, we are investigating the development of 1,500 hectares of these crops in experimental fields at varying altitudes and in different regions of the country to identify the optimal areas. This strategic alliance between producers, marketers and importers creates a unique opportunity to continue growing as individuals and companies, while remaining globally prominent in terms of innovation. The combined strength we acquire enables us to provide better quality of product and service to our mutual customers and suppliers.