Values and Strategic Pillars

Values and Strategic Pillars

Values and Strategic Pillars



Act honestly, harmoniously and passionately, turning credibility (customer trust) into results.

Continuous Innovation

Always make things better, based on a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Vocation to Tangible Results

Results-oriented. Our services must be tangible to internal and external customers.

Leadership at all Levels

Create leaders so we can be true leaders.

Strategic Pillars

Continuous Innovation

Always develop markets, innovative products and services. This will make it possible to grow in sales and become a leading company in the fruit and vegetables market worldwide.

Personalized Solutions for Customers

Ensure the creation of tangible customer value to personally meet and exceed their expectations.

Quality and Excellence

Attain operational excellence based on continuous improvement, multidisciplinary training, building a culture that involves high performance and talent management enabling us to trade intelligently.

Compliance and Punctuality

Disseminate the fulfillment of our all commitments as an unspoken and unbreakable rule to secure the trust of our customers and markets.