The first Peruvian avocado container is arriving to Shanghai today

Another five containers are expected to arrive by the end of the month. Peru expects to place 200 containers this year.

The first Peruvian avocado container from this (2016) campaign is arriving to Shanghai today.

It has been exported by Camet Trading S.A.C. and the importer is a fairly large Chinese group called Supafresh, reported the Peruvian Economic and Commercial Office in Shanghai. Another five containers are expected to arrive in the next two weeks (before the end of the month). Among them, there will be containers from Camet Trading, Incavo S.A.C., Danper Trujillo and other companies.

This will be the beginning of the campaign to export Peruvian avocados to China, estimating that for this year 2016, the arrival of avocados to China between May and September, will number approximately 15 containers per week, on average, for a total value of US$ 15 million.

For this year, Peru is expecting to place over 200 containers during the period when this fruit is available.

What is positive for the arrival of Peruvian avocados is that the Chilean avocado export season will be ending in April.


Avocado imports into the Chinese market soared in the 2015 campaign and has continued so far in 2016, when Mexican and Chilean avocados entered the market.

In that period, China imported 25,000 tons of avocados from Mexico and Chile. Previously, in 2015 alone (January to December), China received some 13,000 tons of avocados from Mexico and 3,000 tons more from Chile.

However, figures show that in the previous 10 years, the import of avocados into China was only 150 tons per annum, equivalent to seven containers.

By 2013, this figure rose to 50 containers, increasing to 200 containers of avocados in 2014.