"Innovation is in our DNA"

Our company is staffed by a team of professionals who are leaders in their field, with knowledge of innovative, modern, duly proven techniques. We are committed to training our producers on the proper management of their crops, in order to increase productivity in their farms and achieve a product of the highest quality.

Cloning Propagation Techniques

We have accomplished a strategic alliance with Westfalia Fruit and Brokaw Nursery, which has allowed us to develop cloning propagation techniques with the best selection of rootstocks adapted to the climate conditions of Peru. We also have secured authorization for the use of the ‘Dusa’ rootstock in our nursery.

Year-Round Premium Ready-to-Eat Hass Avocados at CENCOSUD

The national market division of Westfalia Fruit Peru, is Peru’s first endeavor to market year-round Premium ready-to-eat Hass avocados. We aim to satisfy the growing demand of Hass avocados with high quality service standards.

The tendency to eat healthy and high quality foods is increasing worldwide, and the ready-to-eat technology facilitates the immediacy of this consumption. Chile and Argentina have been able to develop their respective domestic markets by adopting this technology. In U.S.A. And Europe, the ready-to-eat business model has tripled the consumption of Hass avocados since it beginning, more than five years ago.

Ready-to-eat technology is centered around the fruit ripening process. The procedure is to introduce the avocado into a chamber to control temperature, humidity, ethylene and other factors. The ripening process takes between two and four days, and the result is a standardized quality product of homogeneous flavor and texture. Standardizing the quality during the 12 months of the year is of the utmost importance to us - and for our customers-, which is why we have sent our staff to train at our Westfalia Fruit partner companies in Holland and France, and we have brought International experts to visit our facilities to fine-tune the details.