II International ‘Hass’ Avocado Seminar in Lima

Successfully organized by the producing and exporting company Camet Trading S.A.C

The agricultural and agro-export sector has been growing steadily in Peru. In the past three years, Peru has been exporting approximately 165,000 tons of ‘Hass’ avocados per annum, making it the second largest exporter in the world after Mexico, meeting the highest quality standards imposed by the world’s most demanding markets.

Camet Trading S.A.C. is an exporting company with 13 years of experience in the export of avocados and other fruit produce. In the 2016 campaign, 12,000 metric tons of ‘Hass’ avocados were exported from different regions of Peru’s Coast and Highlands.

“To accomplish this, we have established strong business links with small, medium and large producers”, noted Mr. Enrique Camet Piccone, the company's General Manager.

In our country, the avocado is grown under diverse soil and climate conditions different from those of its area of origin. It is therefore necessary to continuously conduct training and research work in the field, aimed at solving the most important problems encountered in the process involved to produce the crop.

In this context, Camet Trading S.A.C. is committed to this task, carrying out a series of seminars about the cultivation of avocados, targeted to its producers, inviting renowned researchers, professional and specialists in the field, so that they may share their experiences in avocado management and the research work being done.

The most recent event was the SECOND INTERNATIONAL AVOCADO SEMINAR, held on the 18th and 19th of this month, at the premises of the Peruvian Engineers Association, located in the District of San Isidro. It was attended by approximately 150 producers from across the country.

The main objective of the event was to provide the necessary tools to allow for producers to work their fields with a view to increasing productivity per hectare as well as an optimum standard in the quality of the fruit.

The event featured leading national and international speakers, who addressed the following topics:

  • Crop ecophysiology, Irrigation and Fertilization, by Mr. Ricardo Cautín Morales, Director of Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Valparaiso, Chile.
  • Pollination and Bee Management, by Mr. Graciano Tejada, Professor at Universidad Nacional Agraria - La Molina.
  • Canopy Management, by Mr. Claudio Hernandez, Technical Advisor to PROPAL export company, one of the largest in Chile.
  • Integrated Pest Management, by Mr. Jorge Castillo Valiente, Professor at Universidad Nacional Agraria - La Molina.
  • Integrated Disease Management, by Mr. Martin Delgado Junchaya, Professor at Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO) and Universidad Nacional Agraria - La Molina.
  • The Present and Future of ‘Hass’ Avocados in the World, by Mr. Enrique Camet Piccone, General Manager of Camet Trading SAC.

It is noteworthy that the Technical Area of Camet Trading S.A.C., together with its Advisor, Mr. Martin Delgado, has been conducting research for the prevention and control of phytophthora cinnamomi, lasiodiplodia and theobromae cladosporium, which were covered in his outstanding presentation.

Ricardo Catacora
Head of Moquegua Produce Project
“The seminar conducted by Camet Trading was of a high academic level, generating new knowledge through the experience and ongoing work performed by the researchers. An excellent event, not only for farmers but also for the technicians and professionals involved in the field.

Working with Camet Trading has been a great experience. It is an important strategic partner committed to technical development and to the generation of new distribution channels for small producers.

On our return, we feel highly motivated to apply the knowledge learned during this important seminar; likewise, we will be repeating the event in the Moquegua area, which we believe will have a great impact on the 130 avocado producers in our region”.

Julio García
Production Manager at Norte Verde
“Excellent seminar, the marketing presentation provided by Mr. Enrique Camet was very interesting and one of the best in the event. As Norte Verde has this season obtained the best historical returns working with Camet Trading, we plan for future campaigns to continue to strengthen our business ties with them because of their high level of professionalism and transparency in their operations”.

Ruben Pinedo
General Manager at Jema Agricultural – Limatambo, Cusco
“A very well organized seminar. The topics presented were very useful and the speakers were highly qualified. As producers, we are very grateful to Camet Trading for its on-going concern about our training.
Our experience with the company has been excellent. We fully trust the professionalism of the team and their high capacity and excellent attitude to help the customer. It is a serious and transparent company as regards what it offers to farmers. We also remain extremely grateful, because they guided us in the best possible way to secure the Global Gap certification, an important recognition for our fields”.

Presentations of the speakers

Mr. Enrique Camet Piccone

Mr. Ricardo Cautin Morales

Mr. Jorge Castillo Valiente

Mr. Martin Delgado Junchaya

Graciano Tejada Hurtado, Eng.

Claudio Hernandez Artaza, Eng.